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Year 7 Enrolments

Enrolments for 2020 and 2021 are now open.

Please contact Mrs Meagan Bowen  (03) 5352 3861 or e-mail mbowen@mcararat.catholic.edu.au for a prospectus and enrolment form.

If you would like to tour the College and talk to staff, please contact Meagan on (03) 5352 3861 to arrange a private tour.

Enrolments for Year 7 at Marian College are available to students in their last year of primary school. Parents wishing to enrol their children can request a copy of the Colleges Prospectus by completing the form below. The general enrolment sequence is as follows: 

  • Complete the enrolment form. 
  • Welcoming interview with a member of the Marian College Leadership Team.
  • Initial offers for a position at Marian College.
  • Parents and candidates accept a position at Marian College.

When submitting enrolment forms, parents are asked to provide photocopies of the following documents:

  • Birth certificate
  • Copies of Catholic baptismal/ sacraments certificates (if Catholic)
  • Grade 5 NAPLAN
  • Grade 5 Semester 2 school report
  • Passport and Visa if born overseas
  • Copies of Special Need documentation (if applicable)

Prospective parents and students are welcome to tour the College to learn more about it. Parents wishing to tour the College and meet staff after the Information Evening can arrange a tour by contacting the Mrs Meagan Bowen on 5352 3861.

Parents wishing to enrol their children but concerned about fee payments should contact the College to discuss options. The College offers significant discounts where more than one child is enrolled and have a number of options for assisting parents with fees.


At Marian we are fortunate to have the services of a number of Instrumental Tutors. These tutors utilise our facilities to teach students: singing, piano, brass, woodwind, strings, guitar and percussion. This private tuition works on a rotation timetable so that students do not miss out on the same class each week. For more information regarding private tuition please click on the link below.

Instrumental Music form Instrumental Music form (1230 KB)

Year 7 Music Program Form Year 7 Music Program Form (552 KB)


Year 8 – 12 Enrolments 

Parents moving to the area or wishing to transfer students to Marian College may apply anytime during the year to enrol their daughter or son at the College. Such enrolments are subject to the completion of the enrolment process and there being vacancies at the required year level. College fees for the year would be pro-rated based on the date started.

If you would like to find out more, please contact Mrs Meagan Bowen on 5352 3861.

Expectations of Marian College Expectations of Marian College (8146 KB)

2019 Information for Families 2019 Information for Families (1388 KB)

Marian College Prospectus Marian College Prospectus (847 KB)

Occupation Code Guide Occupation Code Guide (493 KB)



Anaphylaxis Action Plan Anaphylaxis Action Plan (301 KB)

Allergic Reaction Action Plan Allergic Reaction Action Plan (238 KB)

2019_Asthma_Action_Plan_for_puffer_and_Spacer_4x4 2019_Asthma_Action_Plan_for_puffer_and_Spacer_4x4 (609 KB)

2019_Asthma_Action_Plan_for_Victoria_Puffer_and_Spacer 2019_Asthma_Action_Plan_for_Victoria_Puffer_and_Spacer (453 KB)

2019_Asthma_Action_Plan_for_Victorian_Bricanyl 2019_Asthma_Action_Plan_for_Victorian_Bricanyl (615 KB)