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Fees at Marian College


Marian College is committed to providing an affordable fee structure, which is kept deliberately low to ensure that parents/guardians wishing to access a high quality education are able to do so within their local community.

Table of School Fees 2018

1st Child $1,815.00 per annum
2nd Child $1,340.00 per annum
3rd Child $1,090.00 per annum
4th Child $845.00 per annum


From 2018, we will be offering a $400 per student discount off our College fees where the parents have a Veterans Affairs Gold Card or are eligible for a Centrelink Health Care Card (HCC) or Pensioner Concession Card (PCC).
To obtain the benefit Parents/guardians will need to lodge a Camps Sports and Excursion fund form.

Additional Costs

Marian College charge additional fees for the following:
 $100.00 iPad (unless you have your own)
 $120.00 Electronic Books (no longer on booklist)
$71.50 Maths Pathways (in lieu of Maths book)

School fees include most excursion costs, tuition costs and (in 2018) the supply of a College owned student iPad.

Enrolment Application Fee

Applications for enrolment are to be accompanied by a non-refundable administrative fee of $100.00 per student. This amount will be offset against the first year’s tuition fees.


The College endeavors to minimize the cost of all resources, however, the cost will vary according to the subjects studied and year level. 2018 booklists will be available in Term 4. Text books and associated stationary are provided by an external party. Payment is made by the parents/guardians to the external party managing the process, who also organizes the distribution at the start of the school year.
Students may use second hand texts where they are the same edition as the texts prescribed on the booklist. Parents/Guardians experiencing difficulty paying the upfront cost of the booklist should contact the College’s Business manager to discuss alternative payment arrangement.

Payment Options and Due Dates

School Fees may be paid using any of the following options:
  • Cash/Cheque
  • Credit Card
  • Bpay
  • Direct Debit
It is the expectation of the college that fees will be paid by the end of first term or a payment plan set up that result in regular payments (weekly/fortnightly/monthly) that meet the following milestones:
  • 25% of annual fees are paid by the end of first term
  • 50% of annual fees are paid by the end of second term
  • 75% of annual fees are paid by the end of third term
  • 100% of annual fees are paid by the end of the school year.

Late entry during School Year

If a student enters the College after the start of the school year, the annual fees will be charged based on the proportion of the weeks remaining in the school year as a proportion of the total weeks in the school year.

Withdrawal during the School Year

In the event of a student withdrawing from the College during the year, there may be an entitlement to a partial reduction in the applicable annual fees for the proportion of the school year remaining, less any fees/costs the College has paid that it cannot recover (such as VET Subject Fees).

Financial Assistance

Marian College understands that there are times when parent/guardians may experience difficulties in paying College Fees. Where this occurs, contact should be made with the Colleges Business Manager to discuss how the College can assist.

Overdue Accounts

Parents/Guardians are reminded that fees are payable in accordance with our Payment Options and Due Dates (refer above). Overdue accounts will be followed up and may ultimately be transferred to a collection agency unless an alternate payment arrangement has been agreed.


All queries regarding fees and charges should be directed to the College's Accounts Clerk on 5352 3861.