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Colour Run 2018


Ararat West School, George Road Ararat


Marian College Colour Run 2018

For many years the school has been raising funds and supporting the Fred Hyde Foundation (Co-Id foundation). Each year it is the responsibility of the year 12 group to coordinate and run fundraising events for this charity. Rather than simply seeking cash

donations our approach for 2018 is to dedicate our time and effort as a year 12 cohort to some innovative fundraising ideas, but of course we need support from the wider community. This year we will be holding a Colour Run in which all proceeds will go

towards the Fred Hyde foundation. 

So what is this wonderful foundation

The Fred Hyde foundation provide an education to underprivileged, giving them hope for a bright future. Marian’s rich history with this charity has entailed raising enough funds in our initial year to establish a kindergarten on the island of Bola in Bangladesh and for the many years that have followed we as a school community have raised the funds to maintain it, keeping the school up and running, allowing education to many underprivileged children providing a hopeful future for this community in Bangladesh.


The Island of Bhola where Marian College has established our kindergarten is 90km long and has a Population of 1,758,000 people, this creates a population density of 1,162.39 per square kilometre. When compared to Australias 3.1 people per square km overall or 450 people per square km in the most highly populated area of our country (Melbourne CBD) it becomes hard to imagine a place so crowded. On an island this crowded and well below the poverty line the basic skills that we take for granted, such as learning to read and write are only for the fortunate ones. 12,500 children rely on Fred Hyde Schools for their primary education each year and of course this can become costly. The costs associated with maintaining the schools, providing food and clothing to the children where possible, and most importantly providing the supplies for their education is a constant task that requires support from school communities like ours here at Marian College.


The Fred Hyde foundation states that ‘by helping to build the educational system and encourage the acceptance of basic primary education, we are creating a brighter future, using Bangladesh’s greatest resource - the children.’

If you don’t like to run!

Walkers are more than welcome, along with youngsters in prams etc (the course is not all sealed roads)

You don’t even have to participate in the walk or run to come down and enjoy the raffles, and festive activities such as games and a jumping castle on the day, along with a fabulous sausage sizzle!

Please support our Colour Run fundraising event and have a ball while providing the children of Bhola hope for a brighter future.

If your business would like to donate to this worthy cause please contact us on (03) 5352 3861.