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Year 7 Camp 2019 Group B



Lunch and a drink for the first day only (packed in back pack that is carried onto the bus for easy access)

Toiletries: Soap + Shampoo Toothbrush + Toothpaste Hairbrush or Comb Deodorant Clothing:

At least four changes of underwear and socks T – Shirts (4) NOT singlet tops for during the day (but singlets can be worn at night) Shorts (4) Pyjamas

At least one set of long pants and a jumper Rain jacket


Torch (new batteries)

Hat Sensible sturdy walking shoes

Thongs (to wear to bathroom/in the shower/to the beach)

Drink bottle – able to be refilled with water over the three days

Sunscreen / Insect Repellent Back pack Medication –

A pen Sleeping bag (or doona) and own pillow

2 sheets – given the hot weather students may find sheets are all they need at night (but please still bring a sleeping bag)

2 towels – one for the beach / one as a bath towel

Plastic bags / garbage bags for dirty clothes and wet clothes when packing up

Money for an ice-cream ($10)

Electronic devices (no iPads, iPods or mobile phones). If staff sight any of these devices they will be confiscated immediately and not returned to students until Monday 18th February. Students that want / need to contact home are permitted to use a Marian College mobile phone or Mrs North’s mobile phone to do so. Digital cameras (school cameras will be available)

Good clothing

Wet suits

Details : YEAR 7 CAMP 2019 – INFORMATION PACKMonday 11th February to Wednesday 13th February, 2019 Departing Monday 11th February and returning Wednesday 13th February is 7C and 7D.

Normal classes for 7C and 7D on Thursday and Friday.

1. What to bring on camp – the check list is attached

2. Travel – we will travel by Christians Coach departing at 9am We can pick-up and drop-off at these three locations- if you would like this to occur email rnorth@mcararat.catholic.edu.au.

3. Wet suits – please do not bring your own wetsuit, the wetsuits are provided as part of the camp cost.

4. Medical profile – please double-check your child’s medical profile (via PAM) to ensure it is up to date.

5. Medication – all medication (whether prescription or over the counter) must be held by Mrs North.

6. Food – students need to bring morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea on the first day of camp only. All other meals are provided.

7. Clothing – students do not have to wear their school uniform at any stage during camp, but must have T-shirts to wear during the day-no singlet tops. Bring sensible lace-up runners or hiking boots for the walk. Students will also need a hat, sunscreen and a drink bottle that can be filled with water

8. Meeting Point – on the first morning of camp students need to gather at Marian College by 8.45am in the central area of the Brigidine Centre (except for those students getting picked up along the way).

9. Anxiety – could the parents of students that are anxious about attending camp please make contact with me as soon as possible so we can discuss strategies to assist your child. I also recommend that you use the link http://www.clublorne.com.au/ to investigate and discuss the venue.

If you have any queries please do not hesitate to call me at the College. Phone: 53523861 or by email: rnorth@mcararat.catholic.edu.au