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Welcome to the Arts

The Arts are alive and vibrant at Marian College. Aside from the opportunities offered in the formal curriculum, the annual Marian College production invites all students to become part of a project which showcases and explores wonderful talents to our community. Wakakirri, story dance, is another student driven project open to all students which culminates in a performance on the big stage in Melbourne, competing with many other colleges.

Junior Years

During Years 7 & 8 students enjoy Music, Dance and Drama as well as Art as a core subject. Students take on an instrument, learning a simple tune, creating a class orchestra.

Middle Years

As students progress to Years 9 and 10, electives in The Arts expand to include Foundation Art, Drama, ‘Lights, Set, Action’, Art, Drawing, Ceramics, Digital Photography, Popular Music Studies, Music Technology and Visual Communication and Design. The electives stimulate creativity, encourage problem solving and foster creative potential in students.

All projects encourage individual creative thinking and personal response in the creation of artwork, whilst demonstrating an understanding of the elements and principles. Foundation art projects will include digital art, printing, painting and drawing techniques. Drawing is the basis for all the tasks and skills will be developed throughout the year.

Senior Years

At VCE level, Marian College offers Studio Art and Theatre Studies and/or Drama. Studio Art focuses on developing each student’s understanding of the stages of art and they learn how to explore, develop, refine, resolve and present artworks.

Theatre Studies focuses on both group and individual work. The mid year senior group present an ensemble as well as individual performances which they are assessed on at the end of the year.