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Year 7

A Year of Transition

At Marian College we understand that the transition from primary to secondary education is an important step for all students. The curriculum at Year 7 helps in this transition process by providing a wide range of subjects for the students to experience. Students who have specific learning needs (especially in literacy and numeracy) receive special assistance.

The camp at Year 7 is designed to help students to get to know their new classmates and is held early in Term 1.  

Year 7 2019 handbook Year 7 2019 handbook (1609 KB)

Year 7 2019 booklist Year 7 2019 booklist (259 KB)

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Year 8

A Year of Consolidation

We concentrate on strengthening and developing skills and understandings in the subjects begun in Year 7. A literacy program is offered to these students who have been identified as having needs in this area. The rest of the subjects are the same as for Year 7.

The camp at Year 8 is designed to provide students with an opportunity to move out of their comfort zones.   


2020 Year 8 Handbook

Year 8 2019 booklist Year 8 2019 booklist (259 KB)

eBooks 2019 eBooks 2019 (60 KB)