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Humanities at Marian College operates as a core subject from Year 7-9 where students will explore the following four Victorian Curriculum Strands: History, Geography, Civics & Citizenship, Business & Economics. These studies provide foundational learning that enable students to be prepared to make informed decisions about areas in which they wish to specialise in their senior schooling years at the college. At Year 10 students are able to select specialised electives that focus on one of the aforementioned strands and in VCE students are again able to select humanities subjects that specialised in the strands.

The aim of our humanities curriculum is to provide a common set of knowledge and skills required by students for life-long learning, social development and active and informed citizenship. The curriculum forges clear and meaningful links with the real world and it encourages effective use of information and communication technology. The study of humanities, both in its pursuit and the perspective it provides, rewards the student with the skills needed for self-critical reflection, adaptability, and self-teaching. Reflecting on our Brigidine Values, studying the humanities provides students an insightful understanding into moral, ethical, political, and ideological forces. A successful society depends upon altruism, charity, civility, compassion, and generosity, and the humanities evaluate and emphasize the importance of these characteristics.