Technology Program

Technology at Marian College is flourishing and forever evolving. We see this domain as vitally important as our world is becoming increasingly technological and more complex. It is important to develop students knowledge and confidence so that they are confident and able to make decisions to cope with its continual changes.

We encourage our students to participate in our ‘hands on’ and creative subjects. The curriculum provides practical opportunities for students to be users, designers and producers of new technologies.

At Marian College our program begins with introducing and embodying the ‘The Design Process’ in the early years. This process requires students to investigate, generate, plan, produce, manage and evaluate their own projects. By the time our students reach VCE, this process is embodied so that students can focus on extending their knowledge and skills in whatever VCE Technology Study they may chose.

We have wonderful facilities and passionate staff who help our students achieve excellent end results. We have an excellent record of VCE results in all Technology subjects, including high study scores and folio work being shortlisted and displayed at the ‘Cream of the Crop Exhibition’ at the Federation University, Horsham.

Our curriculum includes:

YEARS 7-10

  • Design and Technologies

In Design and Technologies, students use design thinking and technologies to generate and produce designed solutions.

  • Digital Technologies

In Digital Technologies, students use computational thinking and information systems to analyse, design and develop digital solutions.


  • Food Studies
  • Systems Engineering
  • Product Design & Technology
  • Visual Communication Design