Faith at Marian College

Enrolment at Marian College is an invitation to “come and see” in the spirit of the Gospel invitation of Jesus, within the framework of our Catholic faith and our Brigidine values. At Marian, this invitation is offered for students of all religious backgrounds and with an appreciation of other faiths and cultures.

The Religious Education experience at Marian College is not just a strong part of our curriculum, but entrenched in our whole school culture and community, which aims to develop religiously literate young people who;

  • understand and appreciate religious values are positive about life have a sense of their own worth and of their contribution to the world
  • are able to apply the Gospel values they have acquired, in the context in which they live and work.

At a curriculum level, our Religious Education Program follows the Awakenings Guidelines mandated for use in Catholic schools in the Ballarat Diocese. Our strands of study cover Christian Prayer, Sacraments, Religion and Society, God, Christian Life, Jesus Christ, Scripture and Church.

Awakenings describes the role of religious education as follows:‘ … religious education sets out to inform, form and transform learners and teachers by engaging them with the intellectual, ethical and spiritual richness of the Catholic tradition.’

Religious education invites and enables a life-long journey of awakening to the deep meaning of human life and community, of the world we inhabit and sustain, and of our cultural and religious heritage, against the horizon of the Reign of God enfleshed in the mission and person of Jesus Christ, and communicated in the Church. (The Core Document, “Awakenings”)