The Wellbeing and Pastoral Care Policy of Marian College has as its basis the Kildare Education Ministries values and the Brigidine Core Values. An important aspect of the Marian College ethos is to welcome and care for the students we educate. Our students will be nurtured, inspired and challenged to be their best and to develop positive relationships as their springboard for learning. Marian College promotes student wellbeing as central to learning and learning as central to wellbeing.

We are committed to ensuring that Pastoral Care permeates the total climate of respectful relationships within the College community, whilst focusing on the individual by encouraging the growth of dignity and self worth.

  • Pastoral Care is restorative rather than punitive
  • Mistakes should be an opportunity for learning, growth and development
  • We aim to encourage, nurture, foster and empower all students
  • We respect and recognise all differences

There are various support systems for students at Marian College:

  • Classroom teachers work with students in a respectful, empathic manner.
  • TA Teachers are the initial point of contact for any concerns or issues.
  • The House Leader provides additional support, management and follow-up on students in their House.
  • The Head of Wellbeing oversees both behavioural management and student wellbeing issues across all year levels.
  • Students requiring academic support access the Student Assistance Centre.
  • Students experiencing physical wellbeing issues are cared for in the Sick Bay.
  • Students who require assistance for other significant wellbeing or welfare issues have access to our School Counsellor.
  • We are supported by, and networked with, external professionals.

Marian College Student Support Behaviour Management Plan