Stewardship is the willingness to be accountable for the wellbeing of the larger organisation but operating in service, rather than in control of those around us. Service is the underlying value.

Stewardship springs from a set of beliefs about reforming organisations that affirms our choice for service over the pursuit of self-interest. When we choose service over self-interest, we say we are willing to be deeply accountable without choosing to control the world around us.

The Stewardship Council of Marian College has delegated authority from Kildare Education Ministries in matters such as policy, strategic planning and community liaison.

A Kildare Education Ministries Board Director will attend Stewardship Council meetings as a non-voting member and point of contact with the KEM Board. Members of the Resource Team of Kildare Ministries may also attend meetings from time to time. The KEM Board member is also a source of support for the Principal and the Chair of the Stewardship Council.

The major functions of the Stewardship Council are:

  1. To support the Principal as a wisdom group that informs key decision making for the school.
  2. To monitor the structures and processes that exist for the school to be a strong place of learning and wellbeing for students.
  3. To monitor and contribute to the development of policies for the school, to be part of the KEM consultative process of policy making, and to offer constructive advice so that all policies strengthen the school as a good place for young people.
  4. To plan for the future by studying trends in education, local demography and emerging needs.
  5. To monitor the recurrent and capital finances of the school.
  6. To participate, together with staff, in the development of strategic planning, annual action and master plans for the school.
  7. To contribute to the positive promotion of the school within the wider community.