The study of English is a key component in the development of student learning at Marian College. Through the study of English, students learn about the world around them as well as how to analyse, communicate and build relationships with others.

At Marian College the English faculty aims to offer a curriculum which develops critical thinking, communication, literacy skills as well as creativity. The curriculum is based upon three fundamental areas: Writing, Reading and Viewing and Speaking and Listening. Class learning activities and assessment stem from a strong focus on these three areas.

At Marian College, the Victorian Curriculum strands of literature, literacy and language are integral components of the English curriculum. Students study, respond to, and create literature, thus developing their personal, social and cultural understandings. Texts chosen for study are carefully selected to align with this focus. The interpretation and creation of texts with a focus on accuracy, confidence and fluency develops student literacy skills and developing an understanding about the English language is essential in order for students to develop their skills in English.

Marian College English curriculums are guided by the Victorian Curriculum and VCAA standards as well as the Gospel values and whole school values.

English in Years 7 - 10 consists of a core program which includes individual differentiation for students with particular needs. Literacy, a bridging course in Years 7 and 8, provides additional extra language studies to students identified as requiring additional support with reading, writing and comprehension. In Years 9 and 10 students may undertake as part of the elective program, additional studies in English such as Literature, Creative Writing and Filmic Studies. Students who study an English elective have the option of studying VCE Literature at Year 11.

VCE English, Literature and EALStudies of English and Literature are offered at VCE. English as an Additional Language may be offered should a student/s meet the VCAA eligibility requirements.

VCE EnglishThe focus of VCE English is on how language is used to create meaning in written, spoken and multimodal texts

The study seeks to develop students’ abilities to create and analyse texts as well as interpreting, reflecting upon and critically analysing texts. Furthermore, through their study of a variety of texts, students will become confident, articulate and critically aware communicators with an understanding of themselves, their world and their place in it

VCE LiteratureThe focus of VCE Literature is on meaning derived from texts, the relationship between texts, the contexts in which texts are produced and read, and the experiences the reader brings to the texts.

The study seeks to provide opportunities for reading deeply, widely and critically, responding analytically and creatively, and appreciating the aesthetic merit of texts. Also, it seeks to provide opportunities for students to develop their awareness of other people, places and cultures and explore the way texts represent the complexity of human experience.

EnhancementThe College supports activities including events, guest speakers and competitions which extend student engagement, knowledge and appreciation of the study of English and associated fields of interest.

Enhancement activities may involve:

  • Writing competitions
  • Writing club
  • Incursions (Romeo and Juliet, author visits, guest speakers)
  • Excursions (Jewish Holocaust Centre, Melbourne Writers Festival)
  • Public Speaking competitions (Lions Youth of the Year Quest and Legacy Public Speaking Competition)