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Marian College is committed to the provision of an effective system of first aid management to protect the health and safety of all school employees, students and visitors as a requirement of the Occupational Health and Safety Act 2004. The College policy applies to all who may be affected by injuries or illness resulting from school activities, whether on or off school campus.

The College trains all Staff in First Aid, Asthma Management, Anaphylaxis and Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation. Please contact the Marian College Front Office on 53523861 if you would like to speak to a staff member regarding a medical matter.

Anaphylaxis Action Plan Anaphylaxis Action Plan (301 KB)

Allergic Reaction Action Plan Allergic Reaction Action Plan (238 KB)


2019_Asthma_Action_Plan_for_puffer_and_Spacer_4x4 2019_Asthma_Action_Plan_for_puffer_and_Spacer_4x4 (609 KB)

2019_Asthma_Action_Plan_for_Victoria_Puffer_and_Spacer 2019_Asthma_Action_Plan_for_Victoria_Puffer_and_Spacer (453 KB)

2019_Asthma_Action_Plan_for_Victorian_Bricanyl 2019_Asthma_Action_Plan_for_Victorian_Bricanyl (615 KB)